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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Lynne and Tom Wheeler, Fanny Bay

    I am writing to express my strong opposition to the electoral boundary changes in the Comox Valley. I live in Fanny Bay. Our doctor, dentist, chiropractor, bank, insurance company and all of our business is done in Courtenay and the Comox Valley. We have absolutely no connection with Port Alberni when it comes to our community. Please do not change the electoral boundaries. It appears as though this is simply done to enhance the Liberal's ability to win elections. I am absolutely opposed to being part of the Alberni Community when I vote. We do not have the same values and share few interests. please leave the boundaries the way they are.

    Lynne and Tom Wheeler
    Fanny Bay BC

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