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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Robbin Knox, Surrey

    Dear Commissioners,

    I live in Fleetwood at 82nd Avenue, west of 164th Street currently inside the Surrey-Fleetwood boundaries and slated for the amended Surrey-Cloverdale district in your preliminary proposals.

    Establishing a new district in Surrey is absolutely necessary, and my neighbours and I are being asked to accept a change in our area as a result. Placing us in Cloverdale is a sensible solution. Parts of east Fleetwood are already outside of the Surrey-Fleetwood district in Surrey-Tynehead, with all those areas also destined for Surrey-Cloverdale. It would, in a sense, be uniting a larger portion of east Fleetwood in the amended Surrey-Cloverdale.

    It has been suggested that all of Fleetwood could be put in one district but I find that hard to fathom. In my mind, and on the City of Surrey’s maps at, Fleetwood runs from 144th Street to 164th Street/172nd Street (depending where you are north to south). 152nd Street is the transportation and commercial centre of Fleetwood. As you’ve got it now in your proposal, the vast majority of Fleetwood would be in the Fleetwood district—by my estimation, even more than under the current configuration. We are part of one of the largest cities in BC and we are all looking for our voice to be heard.

    I personally have no objection to the proposal to move the boundaries. We’ll be in good company with the east Fleetwood parts of the old Tynehead district proposed for the Cloverdale district. Our tax dollars just widened and repaved the Pacific Highway so north-south transportation is not a problem. I’m happy to be associated with Cloverdale despite living in eastside of Fleetwood.

    I've lived in the Feetwood community for the last 17 years and my children went to Fleetwood school and the park.
 Therefore, I feel that Fleetwood Park and Fleetwood High School should remain in the Fleetwood Riding.

    Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express my opinion. I look forward to a fair and equitable division of our vast city.

    Robbin Knox

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