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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Keith Sketchley, Saanich

    Firstly, I say the number of MLAs should be decreased to reduce burden on taxpayers.

    Of course one thing that would help with that is improving quality of government administration to reduce errors, and another is simplifying (both in number and complexity of regulations and interference with individuals.

    In general boundaries should match geography and boundaries of municipal fiefdoms. That can get tricky, a minor example is:
    - Victoria is split by the “Victoria Harbour” inlet, logically “Vic West” should be part of Esquimalt as it is on the same near-island.
    - A federal riding lumps Esquimalt and a slice of Saanich together with communities to the west of the inlet called “Esquimalt Harbour”.
    There are good roads between all those places.

    Distance and difficulty of travel should be considered, putting fewer people into ridings with much of either and especially both. For example, sparsely settled mountainous areas of BC, and areas of islands (the “Gulf Islands”, for example, put a large burden on MLAs for such areas).

    PS: Yeah, logic is often missing. For example, in my youth the Peace River area of BC was supplied out of Alberta. In my mother’s day there transportation was through Alberta, neither the Hart Highway nor the PGE railway existed. I’ll get people excited by saying that the NE corner of BC – beyond the Rocky Mountains – should have been part of Alberta.

    Humans are good

    Keith Sketchley

    Saanich BC

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