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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Pushplata Sharma, Surrey

    Dear Commissioners,

    I see that you want to move the lines for Surrey-Fleetwood where I live, close to Bear Creek on 140th Street. I don't have a problem with this. One of my friends is annoyed that Fleetwood Park won't be in Surrey-Fleetwood district anymore but I don't really care. I do most of my walking in Bear Creek Park anyway. And there'd be nothing stopping me from going to Fleetwood Park even if it's cut out. This seems kind of like how I shop at Guildford and Surrey Place Mall (now Surrey Central); it doesn't matter that I live somewhere else.

    Whatever you do, please give us an extra MLA so our voices are heard.
    Pushplata Sharma

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