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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Andrew Powell, Rutland


    I am once again including a written addendum to the presentation I put before you in person. About a week after I presented to you I had basically completed writing it and I've sent it out, not providing a great deal of notice, asking people to demonstrate an interest in my plan so that you may see I'm no longer alone in this endeavour. I only hope that the response is compelling.

    First, here are links to digital copies of the proposal map, school district catchments, and newspaper article I already submitted to you in person:

    Proposal B -

    School district catchments -

    Kelowna mayor article -

    Additionally, over the weekend, when reviewing the submissions you have received thus far, I noticed that Fraser - Nicola was a really hot topic. I figured you might benefit from another "outside of the box" idea from me, and I've made a pitch for dissolving the Boundary - Similkameen riding as a way to resolve your conundrum. You'll find it at the end of my attached written document. And though I say it very explicitly in the document, I'll say it once more here: This Boundary - Similkameen addition was never formally presented to my supporters and has no support other than my own intuition. I don't have familiarity with the Kootenay and Nicola regions anywhere near the level of intimacy I have with the RDCO, so perhaps this little idea's a dud. Either way I made a lazy map of how things would look in South - Eastern B.C. if you took my suggestion.

    No Boundary - Similkameen map -

    Here's a final thanks for your time and consideration,
    Andrew S. Powell

    Andrew Powell - Submission.pdf

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