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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Sarbjit K. Thind, Surrey - Fleetwood

    Dear Commission

    Fleetwood Park School and park should stay in the Surrey-Fleetwood district where I live. I understand that Fleetwood is a growing community. I see as per City of Surrey projections Fleetwood population is expected grow by more than 10,000 people in next 15 years. Therefore, the Commission may face some challenges to add more population in this growing community. But I think the Commission can add the Fleetwood Park and School with out adding any new population. I certainly want my vote to count and therefore would like to see the population evenly distributed among all electoral districts, including Fleetwood.

    Sarbjit K. Thind

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