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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Marg Beddis, Surrey

    As a resident of Surrey Fleetwood I had wanted to attend your recent hearing in Surrey but I was at work. I live in Surrey Fleetwood and have done so for most of my life. I have seen the area start as a rural place where my personal location was surrounded by small farms. As a child I can recall the street I live on being only 2 lanes wide with deep ditches on either side and salmon running in those ditches, it is now a four lane road. As time progressed the farm land became housing and the subdivisions replaced the fields and more people moved into the area. As this happened, Surrey moved from having one or two MLAs to having several. Recent housing developments have brought even more people as we have seen single family housing replaced with town houses and condo developments.
    The new boundaries that the electoral boundary commission has proposed make sense to me. I have had a chance to read some of the submissions and these raised more questions for me. As for the name and the presentations by others saying that the residents of Fleetwood will somehow be disconnected if the boundaries are changed I find this rather puzzling. I could not really understand the old boundaries as the eastern part seemed to have more connection to Cloverdale than to Fleetwood and the southern part seemed to have more connection to Newton than to Fleetwood. The population base in the new Fleetwood area seem to have more in common than the eastern section of the old Fleetwood as they have smaller lots and are more densely grouped than the larger lots in say the 168st and 80 ave area. As for the inclusion of Fleetwood Park and Fleetwood Park Secondary School perhaps that makes sense to include them but certainly not the Surrey Sports and Leisure centre which was not in the previous Surrey Fleetwood. As for the person who thought that she would have to change the name of a facility if you did not draw the boundary around her, I cannot understand that at all. Many businesses have names that do not relate to their location at all, for example the Bank of Montreal comes to mind, there are locations all across Canada and we have not had to name all communities Montreal nor has the bank felt the need to change it’s name.
    I understand that you are an impartial group given the task of drawing boundaries and I believe you have done a good job so that my vote will have the value that it deserves, balancing the demographics and population with the growth in the area. I want to thank you for taking the time to ensure that the people of Surrey Fleetwood have a voice.
    Marg Beddis

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