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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Earl Graham, Surrey / Fleetwoood

    Dear Commission

    I write with respect to the difficult task that has been encompassed upon all three of you in looking at the Electoral Boundaries to ensure that the representation of constituents by MLAs remains equitable and effective within all areas of the Province of British Columbia. I must say I do not envy this task as there will be some that feel they are more than just a number. However I have resided in my home with my family close to Fleetwood Park on 161st street for just over eighteen (18) years. My children have grown up in this community from their early stages in life and we all feel a sense of attachment.

    I have had a chance to look at your most recent report and I understand that there are current districts that are well over the provincial average (two of eight more than 25% over) and this is also an area of high growth. With some reluctance from a personal point of view we have been moved outside the boundaries of Surrey/Fleetwood into the boundary of Surrey/Cloverdale. With that being said based on your mandate some of us will have to move to different boundaries while some will have the luxury of staying however we still live in Surrey.

    I do however believe that certain aspects of the community should stay intact that are core pieces of the Surrey/Fleetwood community. We have gotten to enjoy our entire time while living in this area and we have also gotten to know many friends and neighbors. It would be a tragic to remove and not keep both Fleetwood Park and Fleetwood Park Secondary High School in the riding because of their long history and name associated to this community.

    By comparison with the rapid growth of other areas, these changes proposed for Surrey Fleetwood are relatively minor and, if changed back to include the Park and School, would keep the core of Surrey/Fleetwood intact.

    For us we will just get use to Surrey/Cloverdale while hopefully some can still stay Surrey/Fleetwood. Please keep the Park and School in Fleetwood and I thank-you all for your effects and time that you have put into many changes you have on your plate.

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