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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Lakhwinder Mahal, Surrey

    To the Commission,

    I am writing to you today to express my disappointment. As a resident of Surrey Fleetwood for the last 15 years at 157 St and 82 Ave, I have been busy with the day-to-day life like most people. However, I cannot say the same for those who put their own political needs before the community or the greater good.
    I read Laila Yuile’s latest news report regarding Surrey hearing, which states “Submissions raise eyebrows at Electoral Boundaries Commission public hearing in Surrey with ‘Gracie’s Finger’ references opposition to changes in key Liberal ridings.” I am very displeased with the Liberal interference during the hearing regarding Surrey Fleetwood preliminary report.
    The role you, as the Commission, play is vital for what’s best for the needs of people and not what any one political party may prefer. As your preliminary report being your first and original findings I would strongly encourage the commission to keep the boundaries as you have outlined and not be unduly influenced by external entities lest you tarnish all your impartial efforts.

    You have made it absolutely clear in your preliminary report pointing out to the complexities of boundary adjustments for Surrey that the Commission has, “strived to maintain communities of interest to the extent possible.” Further more you stated that, “efforts were made to maintain the entire downtown core [of Cloverdale] in one district,” but in order to rebalance the population the Commission had to move parts of the Cloverdale core community in two electoral districts. The boundary changes you proposed for Fleetwood are very miner as compared to Cloverdale as you were able to maintain the Fleetwood core community and business centers inside the proposed electoral district. Some how there were lot less complaints about the Cloverdale community as compared to Fleetwood?

    Lakhwinder Kaur Mahal
    Surrey Fleetwood

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