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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Matt Pitcairn, Richmond Chamber of Commerce, Richmond

    May 13, 2015

    B.C. Electoral Boundaries Commission

    RE: Proposed Richmond-New Westminster Riding Redistribution

    The Richmond Chamber of Commerce is writing today to recognize and thank the B.C. Electoral Boundaries Commission for the foresight and thought that went into the recommendations of the recently released 2015 Preliminary Report.

    According to 2011 census data, the three current Richmond ridings are well over the provincial guidelines, and with future growth anticipated to significantly outpace provincial averages, it is warranted to establish a fourth Richmond based riding.

    We recognize that one of the most significant proposed changes impacts the New Westminster community of Queensborough on the Eastern tip of Lulu Island. We believe that Queensborough is a welcome addition to the Lulu Island ridings, and based on the over population of the current riding in New Westminster, it is appropriate to include Queensborough with the former riding of Richmond-East.

    By including Queensborough in the proposed riding of Richmond-Queensborough, it will provide an added voice in Victoria for the residents of the entire City of New Westminster, which is a benefit to their community, as well as Richmond. Additionally, Queensborough closely borders the Richmond community of Hamilton and it is advantageous for both of these growing communities to have the same representative in Victoria. This is also the message we heard from multiple Queensborough community leaders at the recent Boundary Commission hearing in Richmond on April 17th.

    In closing, the Richmond Chamber of Commerce strongly supports the B.C. Electoral Boundaries Commission – Preliminary Report. We commend and thank the commission for its forward thinking and accommodation of the recent and future population growth anticipated in the City of Richmond. Richmond businesses and residents would benefit from an additional MLA in Victoria and the proposed plan rightfully achieves this outcome.

    Thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to the democratic process on behalf of all British Columbians.


    Gerard Edwards
    Chair, Richmond Chamber of Commerce

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