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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Jim Turner, Princeton

    I have read the article about the proposed changes some people have put forward about moving Princeton out of the Fraser-Nicola district.
    As a long time resident of this town I feel it would be a big mistake to make a move like this. We are connected more to our local industries and with Merritt and if we are moved into a new electoral district we will have more contact with the outlying towns that we are familiar with and especially in the forest industry where the lumber is moved between our towns and employs several hundred men and woman including the Coppermountain Mine opperating just outside our town. If kind of thing happens without the people of this town not having any say I am afraid that the liberals will have a tough time winning in this riding.
    I also have a major complaint about Highway three east and west of Princeton and also Highway 5 north to Merritt , the highway is in terrible shape and has to be not repaired but resurfaced in the very near future. After talking to several tourists who were visiting our town their major complaint is the condition of the highways here.
    Highway north of Princeton has not been touched for several years except the section north of the Guilford rest stop which belongs to the Merritt district but as far as our side that is maintained by Argo road maintenance is one the poorest section of highways in this region. I feel that the Liberal Government has had enough time to look after these highways to make them safer and I am not talking about the four laneing they are doing 45 kilometers west of Princeton. These our my opinions on the other subjects including a new problem that I brought to the for front.

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