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The following is input and submissions gathered by the commission through public hearings held during April and May 2015. To view previous input received, click here.
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    Ken Sutton, Surrey

    I reside in the south east corner of of the current Fleetwood riding represented by MLA Peter Fassbender. It seems that your current proposal for the new Surrey ridings cuts me loose and puts me back into the Cloverdale riding.

    I believe this is a mistake.

    I suggest you take a good look at what the city considers the community of Fleetwood and adjust your proposal accordingly.

    This effort to lump us in with Cloverdale simply to satisfy a numbers quotient is silly. My understanding is you have quite the latitude to accommodate a range of between 40,000-66,000 people. You can leave Fleetwood as is and still make your range. Sure you might end up with a riding or two on the high side but until you give Surrey the number of ridings it really needs, this is going to be inevitable.

    I am less than a Kilometre from the Fleetwood rec centre, about 2.0KM from the centre of Fleetwood and less than 3.0KM from my MLA's office.

    An adjustment putting me into Cloverdale puts me close to 5.0KM from the Cloverdale event centre and 7.0KM from DT Cloverdale. Yes this is not really a hardship but surely it speaks to which riding myself and those in my neighbourhood are better aligned with.

    Please return the part of Newton you have moved into Fleetwood back to Newton and resolve your numbers issue by leaving me in Fleetwood.

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